The RCCFO (Rochester Chapter of Certified Football Officials) is devoted to providing quality football officiating service, to strive, maintain and to improve that service through an education and training program; to promote fair play and sportsmanship among all involved in football contests; as well as encourage fellowship among members of the RCCFO and others interested in football.


  • To maintain the highest standards of football officiating.
  • To promote the spirit of sportsmanship, player safety and fair play.
  • To provide the means for a correct and consistent interpretation of the NFHS football rules
  • To establish new football officials at the Youth and High School level, then educate, increase skill competency level and mentor them with the highest standards of ethics.
  • To develop the most effective and efficient mechanics and football ideology.
  • To encourage & support close professional relationships among our members.
  • To establish & secure cooperation and understanding throughout the entire interscholastic community to include: (inter-scholastic athletic officers, coaches, players as well as, youth football association officials).


The Rochester Chapter of Certified Football Officials (RCCFO), a member of the New York State Association of Certified Football Officials, was founded in 1925 and serves High School (New York State Section V) and youth football in the Greater Rochester and surrounding areas of; Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Wyoming, Allegany and Steuben counties. Our membership consists of approximately 150 officials in Active, Senior Associate, Associate and Candidate status.

As one of the largest and longest serving football officials organizations in New York State, the RCCFO has produced numerous officials that have gone on to successful careers in the NCAA and the NFL. Notwithstanding these successes, our primary goal remains to provide fully qualified, knowledgeable officials to high schools and youth organizations in the greater Rochester area.


Officiating football is enjoyable for a number of reasons. Many find that the physical, mental and emotional challenges attract them. For others, it’s being involved in football up close and personal that provides the attraction. Most officials enjoy the strong camaraderie that exists among their fellow officials. The rules are just “ink on paper” – without officials, they are easily bent and broken. Whatever the reason, you will never look at the game football the same way once you become an official.

If you have a passion for the game of football and would like to get involved or continue to be involved with this great game, we would like to extend an invitation to join the RCCFO. First year officials begin officiating sub-varsity (Youth, Modified, Frosh and JV) games, with the support of well-versed officials. Each official begins their career in instructional classes and on-the-field training with other beginners lead by dedicated and experienced instructors. With continued class participation and on field training, the acquired skills are strengthened.

Our younger officials are welcome to sit-in on Varsity pre-game discussions. These are great learning experiences and excellent tools to help enhance your own officiating skills. First, second and third year officials are also assigned an experienced veteran as a ‘Big Brother/Mentor’ to interact with throughout the season.

Browse our web site for additional information about the RCCFOFor more details about membership, complete and submit the Contact Us form or contact us at rccfo5@gmail.com  (This email is for informational purposes only).  Any game related inquiries cannot and will not be addressed.